Monday, June 18, 2012


Since I have become a complete slacker in the blogging department, I have decided to throw in a bunch of random pictures of all our fun times throughout the last couple of years.  Enjoy!

These pictures were actually taken in 2010.

Jacob playing basketball.

Camping at Jordanelle.

Nice Hitler 'stache Jake.

11-1-2010    Bailey's 13th birthday.

Christmas 2010

Grandma looks like she's had enough Christmas cheer!

Bailey "3 point " Lavallee

January 2011
Went to the Monster Truck rally...

and took a ride in one of the trucks.

Marc took the kids ice fishing.

Spring 2011

Went to Universal Studios and Hollywood.

Bailey and Chantel chillin in the hotel room.

Day 1&2
Waiting for the shuttle.  The excitement is almost electric.

Happy family

Bailey and Jacob's favorite movie.

All they want to do is eat.

Gotta get wet.

 Day 3


This picture only set us back $25.
But I say it was money well spent.  I mean how often do you
get to see Wonder Woman with her purse?

Bailey and Cher

and her idol Elvis!

Day 4 was spent swimming at the hotel and driving down Rodeo, wishing!

May 22, 2011

Jacob turned 11. 

Bailey and her best friend!